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Dedicated to "supporting higher education and cultural enrichment in the Eastern Sierra", it is the vision of the Mammoth Lakes Foundation to establish a permanent campus in the Mammoth Lakes area that will provide facilities for academic studies, appreciation of the arts, and student housing - a vision which continues to develop. Read More

The Mammoth Lakes Foundation was established in 1989 in hopes of establishing an ongoing college program in the Eastern Sierra area of California. Educational outreach into the area was only minimal at that time – provided by the Cerro Coso Community College – but it was the Mammoth Lakes Foundation that provided the financial support to make the 1993 opening of the 3-classroom Mammoth Education Center a reality. The dream continues to grow.

The foundation was established by Dave McCoy, the founder of the Mammoth Mountain Ski area. With his guidance, the establishment of that Mammoth campus continues and with support from California voters, more and more funds are available for the project.

For example, student dormitories, currently in the planning stages thanks to donations from the Mammoth Lakes Foundation, will make the Mammoth campus one of only 11 community colleges in California that offer on-site student housing.

Donor programs make it easy to help support the work of the Mammoth Lakes Foundation and the establishment and growth of the local college campus. The generosity of donors – both individuals and businesses – prompts the foundation to take another step closer to the fulfillment of their vision.

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Mammoth Lakes Foundation

The Mammoth Lakes Foundation encourages higher education and cultural understanding in the area.