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Mono & Inyo Craters

View dramatic reminders of Mammoth Lake’s explosive history by visiting these unique funnel shaped craters. Read More

  • The Inyo Craters are located 2.3 miles outside of Mammoth Lakes off the Mammoth Scenic Loop Road.
  • The craters are believed to have been formed during the areas last volcanic activity.
  • The craters are unique because of the green lakes that are found inside the domes.


Visitors come to The Mono and Inyo Craters to see remnants of the areas volcanic history. The Inyo Craters, which are accessible via a short trail from the area parking lot, are believed to have been formed during the last volcanic activity in the area. What remains are two funnel shaped craters with unique green lakes inside.

The Mono Crater's are a chain of obsidian domes that rise approximately 2,400 feet from the ground. 

As hot springs and steam vents are still visible, scientists believe that future eruptions are a possibility.

In addition to the craters, visitors can also find hiking and mountain biking in close proximity.

Location & Information

The Inyo Craters are located just outside of Mammoth Lakes. Visitors should access the craters by heading out of town on Mammoth Scenic Loop Rd for approximately 2.3 miles. There are signs to direct you to the parking area.


Due to heavy winter snows, the area is best accessed from June through mid-October.

Contact Information

Inyo National Forest
351 Pacu Lane
Suite 200
Bishop, CA 93514


Inyo Craters Loop
Mountain Bike or Hike on a smooth forest service road around two alpine craters. At a length of 10 miles and with minimal hills, this is a great family ride or all day hike.