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Earthquake Fault

On the way to Mammoth Mountain Ski area, visitors can stop to view an impressive earthquake fault. Read More

  • On the way to Mammoth Mountain, stop to view this impressive earthquake fault.
  • It is believed this fault was created approximately 550 – 600 years ago when the Inyo Craters and Inyo Domes Erupted.
  • Though the fissure is called a fault, there is dispute over the actual source of crack.


Located on Highway 203 on the way to Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort, visitors can view at the results of a Mammoth Lakes Earthquake. The remaining fissure is approximately 15 feet deep and is visible from the road.

Location & Information

Located off Highway 203 on the way to Mammoth Mountain.

Inyo National Forest
351 Pacu Lane
Suite 200
Bishop, CA 93514


Though the attraction has been labeled an earthquake fault, there is uncertainty surrounding the fissure’s formation. While it was once believed to be a fault created by a single quake, geologists now believe it is actually a system of fractures created from several quakes, dating back approximately 550 – 600 years to the eruption of the Inyo Craters and Inyo Domes.