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Owens Valley

You won't find a more fascinating land than that of Owens Valley, California, tucked away in the southeastern part of the state. Here you can see both the highest peak in the continental US and the lowest spot in the US. Owens Valley is a sought after destination for many vacationers. Read More

Dramatic landscapes are the first thing you notice in Owens Valley, California. From the mountains covered with bristlecone pines to the shaded forest trails, you can find the outdoor recreation here that you are in search of.

It doesn't matter what your preference is for fun, Owens Valley has it all, as well as much history connected with its past. A ranching valley of Owens River, this area stretches over 70 miles north and south through Inyo and Mono Counties. There is great fishing here as well as wonderful hiking opportunities and places to get out in nature on horseback.

A famous site you shouldn't miss when visiting is Owens Lake. It was the scene of what's known as the California Water Wars and became a dry bed when water from the lake was diverted to supply Los Angeles. Although dry, the lake is still alive, with wetlands along the shores from springs.

As you go exploring in Owens Valley, you will see the towering peaks on either side, some reaching over 14,000 feet. The floor of the valley itself lies at 4,000 feet, making it one of the deepest in the United States. It's a place of beauty and wonder.