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When you travel to Bridgeport, California, you will find plenty of fun things to do for a perfect vacation. Activities for the whole family make this an ideal destination for some getaway time and adventurous recreation. You can come any time of year to Bridgeport for an experience you won't forget. Read More

Bridgeport, California offers some great recreation for any outdoor enthusiast. In the Eastern Sierra Mountains, it's a setting that will provide you with the natural atmosphere you need to shed those worries of the workaday world.

If you love to fish, the East Walker River has been a popular fishery for trout and some believe it to be the best in the west. There are plenty of streams and lakes in the national forests surrounding, as well. Bridgeport is not too far from the John Muir Wilderness, and you can't miss the chance to visit there.

You will be able to see some real history of the Old West by taking a guided tour of the ghost town of Bodie and other historic sites. The kids will love it!

Go horseback riding through beautiful meadows and view the peaks towering above. Go backpacking. Photography is superb in this wooded backcountry, and there are so many ideal opportunities, you must take advantage of them by hiking and exploring.

You can take off to do some camping in Inyo National Forest, watching the stars at night and the sunrise in the morning. Bridgeport is a true paradise for the vacation of a lifetime.